Hot French Tips

My friend Jennifer graciously allowed me to paint her nails tonight! I think they turned out pretty good. I used Sally Hansen’s Insta Dry Flashy Fuchsia, Wet-n- Wild Megalast Sugar Coated as the base, and Sally Hansen’s Titanium White for the tips.


What do you think??

Little Lady

They might be hard to see, but they are little lady bugs on her nails. I found out yesterday that I’m actually better at painting someone elses nails than my own. LOL. My friend’s daughter was a great guinea pig for me last night!

She loved them!

Happy Hunger Games!

Oh man I was sooo excited to get my China Glaze Hunger Games “Capitol Colors” Collection in the mail the other day. It was Christmas in August! So this is the first bottle I tried called Dress Me Up. I also bought a new nail plate for the occasion, M57. I thought it was appropriate for the Dress Me Up to have some lace added to it. I also attempted to add some french tips, but I’m not very good at clean lines… Anyway more Hunger Game nails to come!

Reverse Champagne Kisses

I actually kinda like this more and more every time I look at the picture. This was done using the same polish as before and I think putting that gold on top of black made it look more silvery than it does here. This time I put it on nude nails and then went over it with black tips.

Back to School

I actually saw this design on Pinterest a couple weeks ago. It was pretty simple. For the base I used Sally Hansen’s Insta Dry Lightening. I made contrasting stripes on it with Spoiled’s Designated Driver. I then used Salley Hansen’s I Pink I Can for the bottom half and made a strip of silver in the middle. And you have a pencil top!

Birthday Nails

My favorite color for years has always been blue. So I figured these nails were appropriate for the Big Day this year! Sally Hansen Model Behavior.

Color Swatch

Heres my first color swatch with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Model Behavior. As you can tell I have yet to really branch out from my few favorite brands.  Sally Hansen is an awesome brand. It works well and its quite affordable. I promise more color swatches will be coming soon!

Did It On Em


I love me some Nikki Minaj! This is OPI’s Nikki Minaj Did It On Em. (like the song?) Anyway this is a great summer color. I love the stripes!



This one I just did on my own. I really wanted to be able to do those cute little whispies that they do at nail salons. Mine turned out ok. I even added some rhinestones. I used Sally Hansen’s I Pink I Can and Titanium White.


This is one of my favorites that I did this summer. The back ground I used is Bonita’s Yacht Club. I then used Salley Hansen’s Insta Dry Lightening to make the petals with a skinny paintbrush. I actually didn’t have any brown polish at the time so I just used black and used a small dotting tool in a semi circle for the middle of the flower.