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You they say “artist is only as good as his tools”. Its true! I see these pins on Pinterest all the time trying to be thrifty saying “you don’t need to buy this, you can make it!” I just recently make my own Laundry detergent and I love it! I’ll never go back to spending $20 a jug again. But while being thrifty may work with some things, its not with everything. And one of those things is nail tools. I actually saw a pin for dotting tools.

No. Do not make your own dotting tools. Buy real dotting tools. They cost like $2 on Ebay. You usually get 5 of them in a pack with an assortment of sizes. I thought I would be cool and use the colored ends of straight pins (used for sewing) for dotting. Did you know that nail polish melts whatever paint they use for those multicolored pins?



dotting tools


I do now. Gross. Not to mention, it just doesn’t work that well.  Buy them, seriously.

Same thing goes for cheap nail polish. I actually used to refuse to buy expensive nail polish. I didn’t think I needed it. But there is something so special about getting new $10-$15 nail polish (and this is what I consider expensive nail polish) and the way it glides on your nail so smoothly. Now for the nail plates, there are cheap and expensive polishes that work differently for the plates. I’ll go over that in another blog. But for the most part, buying in the $7-$10 is highly recommended.

Anyway, take my advice and don’t try to be thrifty on nail tools, you will just end up getting frustrated. Trust me.


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