Archive | June 2012

Did It On Em


I love me some Nikki Minaj! This is OPI’s Nikki Minaj Did It On Em. (like the song?) Anyway this is a great summer color. I love the stripes!



This one I just did on my own. I really wanted to be able to do those cute little whispies that they do at nail salons. Mine turned out ok. I even added some rhinestones. I used Sally Hansen’s I Pink I Can and Titanium White.


This is one of my favorites that I did this summer. The back ground I used is Bonita’s Yacht Club. I then used Salley Hansen’s Insta Dry Lightening to make the petals with a skinny paintbrush. I actually didn’t have any brown polish at the time so I just used black and used a small dotting tool in a semi circle for the middle of the flower.

White Paisley

I love this design! I stared using the Konad stamp plates. If you have ever heard of the store Francessa’s, you know at the counter they always have this cute little nail polish bottles for like 0.50 cents a piece. I always grab a big handful of them. The company that makes those little bottles is called Bonita and for this design I used a nude color called Barefoot. The stamp that I used is Konad M 60.


Happy Day

I was actually pretty pleased with this one. I took “why so blue, Alice” one step further. I put a solid blue down on the tips first and this put Alice on top of it. I then used my dotting tools to make the white dots along the tips and for the flowers.