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Movie Night

I got this idea from Nailed It nail blog. When I try this again, I will use a wider paint brush for the red stripes. The popcorn was made with two slightly different shades of yellow with the dotting tools. Background is Titanium White by Sally Hansen.

Blue Fairy

This was a variation of Big City Trends I did. I think I would do it it over with a more prominent silver color than just the silver glitter. Otherwise it just kinda looks like the white stripes are floating. Either way it was kind of a cute design. Again, Bonita Aqua Marine was used and Sally Hansen Titanium White.

Big City Trends

I think I found this one off of Pinterest! I love it! I would suggest do the white dots with a big dot tool than I used. I think bigger polka dots would be more of a statement. But I used Bonita Aqua Marine, Essie Black and Sally Hansen’s Titanium White.

April Showers bring May flowers

So I am trying to post old photos I had taken a while back. I will admit I’m not that good at taking pictures either. This design was done with my dotting tools and new skinny paint brushes. Using tools was a first for me!

Easter Eggs!

Easter Eggs! This was done with all Bonita Colors and Salley Hansen Titanium White dotting. Next year I might be good enough to do stripes and zigzags!

Hey Errybody!!

My name is Alison and welcome to my nail blog! I love doing my nails and reading other girls nail blogs so I decided to make my own. I am definitely not the best by any means, but I’m hoping to get better as time goes on. One of my biggest issues is cuticles! I can never get them looking the way they do at a salon.


I will always try to give credit to those designs I’m copying, but if you catch one I forgot to mention, please feel free to call me out on it!


Anyway I hope you enjoy it!